Maxim Behar about the book

I started to write down these rules accidentally and almost as a joke. I like saying in my office that even the worst decision is better than a decision that has not been made. I strongly believe in this rule, and, at the present time of crisis, which has been haunting us for six months but still has not really happened, anvd we all hope it will pass by us, I just logged onto Facebook and posted it. I got out of the shower one morning, and my head was full of hundreds of decisions that I had to make, or not, right away, so I logged on to Facebook and – God knows why – in front of the thought about decisions I wrote “Rule #1”.

When I got to the office half an hour later there were already a dozen of comments below it, and one direct question – “What will be #2?” I always answer direct questions, and I do it right away. So the next morning I posted the second rule, and then the third… That’s how it started. Every single morning, without exception. And no matter in which city or country I was, I would get up in the morning, and my first thought would not be to come up with a rule as I had all those rules in my head, but which one it should be that morning.


Please, turn on the camera and direct the code to it.

Howard Behar, president Starbucks Coffee International (1989-2008)

„I love quotes.....if you walked into my office you would see literally hundreds framed and put up all over the place. I guess it was the way I learned and remembered the valuable lessons in life. The quotes are always there to remind me about not only what is important but also what makes the world tick. They help me in times of trouble and challenge me in times of success. Each one has its own lesson and of course they are all short, concise and focused.

When Maxim Behar sent me his little book that is filled with some great quotes it gave me another source from which to pick and choose some daily lessons. Although Maxim and I don't always agree, these little sayings of his, have challenged me and pushed me to think about what his point is. This little book will serve you well, read it, think about it and you will grow not only as a professional but more importantly as a human being.“

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